Thursday, 13 September 2018

 WALT - Make connections with the text and between the text  
Success Criteria - Can make connections between us and the story.
When we can make connections between texts and with in the text.

Thursday, 6 September 2018

Is cross country worth it?

                                          Cross country 


Cross country was worth it for helping others and supporting them. Some people didn't liked Cross Country a lot because there legs were heating or it was boring, but there was people supporting them to the end of the lap, People tried there best to finish the laps and to the teachers to get check  there name and place also their points.


When morning tea was finish it was the Juniors turn to run a small part of the same field. Mrs Grant said  we can go to the Juniors and help them like the Seniors. We stand at our team and check the Juniors hand and take them to there team. Juniors were funny when the were ruining. Me and Aayan went to the middle of the field and supported the Juniors to the last lap.

Seniors and Middle school age               Juniors age

8 age 1 lap                                                 5 age 1 small lap
9 age 1 and a half lap                                6 age  2 small lap
10 age 1 and 3 quarters                             7  age  3 small lap 
11 age  1 and 4 quarters

Thursday, 30 August 2018


                                            tessellation art           

                           Tessellation art is one shape or animal that fills a hole page with no gap.
                           I think Tessellation art is a creativity art.       

1. small card
2. make a picture
4.use the small card and draw the picture onto the paper.
5. out line it


Monday, 27 August 2018

It's too hard to be kind!

 People can`t be kind because they don`t care about other people. They show this by swearing and not respecting others. i have been at Kingsford primary for 13 months and still juniors and seniors swear a lot. when people swear it`s because people pushed person  ho got pushed will get mad and fight,if you fight then the other people and teacher will come and stopped the fight and call your family then tell them what happen and might get kicked out of the school. sometime you don`t  have to be kind, like someone came and said mean stuff to you, if you did nothing and the other person still saying mean things theirs gonna be a big hole in your heart,  fight for rights but don`t really fight just say get lost and walk away if he is falling you just tell the teach or anyone at duty, or you are to scad tell your teachers tell  your family or anyone you trust.  

by kelvin   

  WALT - Make connections with the text and between the text   Success Criteria - Can make connections between us and the story. When...