Wednesday, 25 September 2019

I was born in Fiji in 2008, when I was just two years old my sister was born in 2010 and her name was Jia.
My brother was four years older than me and his name was Kevin, and he always wanted a brother, then he played with me, but he always gets toys from Canada and wherever my grandfather and grandmother went to.

A few years later. 

When i finish kindergarten, the week`an I just woke up, I had to massage my brother's leg so I could go to the shop by the things for my mum and dad and sometimes we get some drinks or something to eat like coke.
When school started I had to choose 3 class room`s, room3,room2,room1. I went around and around to pick one class
  Out of 3, I finally choose and it was room 1 and gase what I pick the bad room. When I got home I begged my mum and dad can I go to New Zealand mum said I could go but I had to wait. It was tuff time at FIJI, because it was really really hot, boring, nothing to do. But that never stops me, because I had my Brother and my Sister. When I came back from school with my brother, I always go shower first then my brother goes sometimes rally than me. My brother turns the tv with the power of the remote. We set with the  drummer queen of annoying P.S my sister. The only reason I hate my sister because she cries a lot and I get in trouble because she gets heart in-game.

                                                     Let's skip this part

Hey, it might be lame boring but you know a little bit a bought me and I think you will like this part.            

It was a sunny day at Fiji, we were playing in the park near our house that my dad made it.
Our neighbor came and challenged us to a race. He said I win you have to give me your scooter and if you win you can keep the scooter. So I race him and that time it was when I finished kindergarten and I was just 5,6,7 years old.

Everything tourn I did pretty much I did a drift and my brother's friend or it was cuzzen hmmm? Know I idea. Every round 

I won't I quickly went to brother and his friend or cuzzen to feel my bike up in every round to be continued……….

Thursday, 13 September 2018

 WALT - Make connections with the text and between the text  
Success Criteria - Can make connections between us and the story.
When we can make connections between texts and with in the text.

Thursday, 6 September 2018

Is cross country worth it?

                                          Cross country 


Cross country was worth it for helping others and supporting them. Some people didn't liked Cross Country a lot because there legs were heating or it was boring, but there was people supporting them to the end of the lap, People tried there best to finish the laps and to the teachers to get check  there name and place also their points.


When morning tea was finish it was the Juniors turn to run a small part of the same field. Mrs Grant said  we can go to the Juniors and help them like the Seniors. We stand at our team and check the Juniors hand and take them to there team. Juniors were funny when the were ruining. Me and Aayan went to the middle of the field and supported the Juniors to the last lap.

Seniors and Middle school age               Juniors age

8 age 1 lap                                                 5 age 1 small lap
9 age 1 and a half lap                                6 age  2 small lap
10 age 1 and 3 quarters                             7  age  3 small lap 
11 age  1 and 4 quarters

Thursday, 30 August 2018


                                            tessellation art           

                           Tessellation art is one shape or animal that fills a hole page with no gap.
                           I think Tessellation art is a creativity art.       

1. small card
2. make a picture
4.use the small card and draw the picture onto the paper.
5. out line it


I was born in Fiji in 2008, when I was just two years old my sister was born in 2010 and her name was Jia. My brother was four years ol...